How Jeff Bezos’ philosophy helped me establish DigitalGigs Limited against all odds.

Jeff Bezos

“In some cases, things are inevitable. The hard part is that you don’t know how long it might take, but you know it will happen if you’re patient enough” – Jeff Bezos.

Brexit, followed by the General Elections and then the pandemic, has introduced enough chaos, uncertainty and decline in our lives and the UK economy. Many businesses have unfortunately closed down, and unemployment is at a record high. After a good 25 years of my professional career in IT strategy consulting, solutioning and delivery, I decided to take a sabbatical back in April 2019. The family visited us from Canada, and we had a great time watching the Cricket world-cup and travelling across the Scottish borders. Then we were back to the grind, and only 10% of the 800 odd job applications had some response, which eventually fizzled out. I had sleepless nights wondering what to do with bills to pay, no regular income and a family to support. I was at crossroads in my career, which made me reflect on my aspirations for the foreseeable future. All these years, I did my job sincerely, but never liked to suck-up to my managers or bosses, never sugar coated my feelings, which often got me somewhere in the middle of the performance bell-curve in the Corporate world. It was nothing wrong with me but a flawed process that favours the destiny of the flashy outspoken folks over the hard-working. Nothing was exciting about doing a job anymore, and I wasn’t happy after having been often underestimated on my business acumen, creativity and potential to take on greater responsibility in Exec Leadership roles.

Mine is perhaps the perfect example of how and when to become an entrepreneur despite all the odds, after a somewhat stagnated employment career, punctured morale, and no income. While being clear about starting my own company and the mission and vision, I was also quite clear about never getting back into employment. Looking back, inevitably, this was the perfect storm in the formation of DigitalGigs Limited – your trusted digital transformation partner. You now have Dinesh Ramanan 2.0 at your service through DigitalGigs Limited.

The last 12 months of life has taught me a lot and also gained a lot through patience and perseverance – I can perhaps write a book on it or share this experience with the impatient lot of Millenials.

So what can I do for you as DigitalGigs? Well, we are here to listen to your business challenges and help you:

a) Re-charge your business with a digitally sound strategy and tailor it to your situation and industry to give you a competitive edge. We can be your digital conscience to
b) Suggest smarter options, helping you consider take small steps and decisions that will have a lasting positive impact on your business
c) Suggesting the use of readily available cutting-edge digital business solutions through my partnerships and joint ventures that will
c) Help you get back to a sustainable and ever-growing profitable business, while also keeping your running costs low.

Remember, you don’t need a Big 5 Consulting brand for your digital transformation strategy. They only care for their billing revenues neither for your budget nor time constraints. It is not me but a good friend who works for a top Consulting firm in London who revealed this open secret. At most, you will get flashy PowerPoint presentations with flamboyant speakers who will offer great lip-service and pamper your ego.

You know your business best and can very well write your mission, vision and strategy. If you need help or an outside-in perspective, consider engaging DigitalGigs. We will be challenge status quo, help you refine your vision and strategy as necessary, visualise strategic alternatives and recommend the best option. Our engagement will be short and sweet, starting with a rapid assessment of your current digital maturity blueprint. If you are happy with what you see and get, we will determine the digital roadmap work breakdown that is right for your business. When you fall in love with our work ethic and ability to adapt to your culture rapidly, we can further engage in overseeing the successful implementation of all digital projects and programmes until you fully realise your business benefits. If you are unsure of our commitment, don’t take our word for it, we would be happy to even sign-up for a fee + risk-reward model, as an indicator of our confidence in our ability to meet your financial goals and expectations.

Feel free to write to me at to discuss your issues/needs/challenges openly, and we can work on a mutually rewarding digital adventure, I promise.

Dinesh Ramanan
Managing Director
DigitalGigs Limited