Joint Go-to-Market Services

Digital Delivery

Are you ready for a digital transformation?

DigitalGigs can execute your digital programmes on your behalf. We can be your product owner, your programme manager or even your digital delivery director.

We have a team of experts who can take on interim roles in your business whenever you feel the need. This is our way of helping you keep your business going, whatever the hurdles and challenges.

Like you, we believe that a fast and reliable digital delivery paves the way for a digital transformation. It’s what gives businesses a winning edge. And we will help you do what it takes to grow.

So, here’s how we bring our expertise into your digital delivery team.

Lead Product Ownership (LPO)


What do your customers need? Our experts can study the end-to-end development of their stories and epics. Now, that includes writing, establishing coherence and prioritising based on your business needs.

We also streamline communication between business units and IT departments because we know this helps synchronise business demands and budgets.

We work with software development specialists such as Agile-SCRUM squads and SCRUM Masters. Your success is our success.


We have a large pool of specialists in software development methods like SCRUM, Agile and Agile-safe. These experts are always ready with solutions for your business.


What are the best products for your business? Our expertise in smart budget allocation ensures maximum benefits for you.

Digital Programme Management


The plan is clear. We strategise, manage and implement digital programmes. This ensures you always have a holistic business plan.


We work with digital programme management experts who have an impeccable 100% delivery success rate.

We also have an enviable resource pool of experienced practitioners in project management methods like PRINCE2, PMP, MSP and COBIT. But most importantly, we have access to expertise across industries and technologies. So, whatever your needs, we have a solution.


To begin with, we ensure a thorough understanding of stakeholder expectations. Our digital programmes are always aligned with your company’s objectives and expected benefits.

Interim Digital Delivery Leadership


Is fragmented leadership causing bumps in your digital delivery process? Have unexpected departures in the core team impacted your business? Our experts can put you back on track, and ensure an uninterrupted business process.


We have experienced leaders who are ready to step in when needed. Above all, they effortlessly fit in during times of need and seamlessly phase out when leadership has been restored.

Our experts align their talent and experience with your project’s final goal to deliver the best possible results.


To sum it up, we enable hiccup-free operations. This guarantees optimal results for your digital programme.

Set up an obligation-free call now. See how we can steer your digital programme to success!