Joint Go-to-Market Services

Digital Business & Solutions Advisory

Put your best foot forward with the right content strategy

Is your marketing proposal gripping enough? We research, analyse, create and sharpen marketing proposals to help you seal the deal.

Flexibility is the key

We believe that a smart and flexible digital content strategy with a focus on proposals, request for proposal (RFP) and invitation to tender (ITT) writing solutions can help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

The right digital content strategy can help you maximise profits and build a strong market reputation.

How do you ensure optimal results?

From shaping proposals to defining solutions that address your business problems, and evaluating digital products and solutions, you can count on our expertise to keep you achieving your goals.

At DigitalGigs, we are rigorous in our approach to evaluation. We employ only the best in the field to achieve optimal results, every time.

What challenges we address
Cut costs, save time

Pre-sales is a crucial but expensive part of any corporate project. Writing or responding to RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and Tenders is draining both in terms of time and money.

That’s why while retaining a permanent team directly involved in these functions is desirable to build a talent pool, offering salaries and benefits year-round can add to financial stress.

How we keep costs down

DigitalGigs offers you an ideal solution to cut your costs without compromising on talent and expertise.

For instance, you can opt for a more flexible digital content marketing strategy by partially or fully outsourcing the sales function. This means you only pay for when you avail the services of the pre-sales and sales team.

It guarantees a saving in time and money.

Why you should opt for our service

We have an impeccable track record with 95% registered wins in securing high-stake deals, across sectors. Yes, you read that right. 95%.

That’s because we work in real-time and have a dedicated team which offers prompt responses. And as you know this can make a substantial difference during the bidding season.

Why we have a winning edge

To begin with, our comprehensive knowledge of the pre-sales and sales processes, and of the engagement lifecycle gives us a winning edge.

Our highly transparent business practices make us reliable partners. We also offer a multi-tiered engagement model that extends right up to the senior stakeholders, which assures thorough analysis from a solution and content standpoint.

Our service models

We offer two flexible content strategy proposal service models to choose from.

Fixed Fee Model

With this model, you pay a fixed fee for the entire duration of the project. This would allow you to also benefit from the risk-reward feature of this model where you pay the incentive only if we win the bid.

Daily Rate Model

In this case, you pay DigitalGigs a flat daily rate right up to the point when the bid ends. To put it simply, you only pay for the hours we put in.

Partially or fully outsource this crucial function to DigitalGigs and achieve optimal results, cost-effectively. Connect with us