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Digital Strategy Consulting

What is the first step to digital transformation?

The answer is simple.

A digital strategy.

That’s because no digital transformation can be a success without a mapped out digital strategy.

To put it simply, we’ve got the map. We’ve got the compass. Now, all you have to do is choose from our digital strategy services to turn your vision into a strategy.

Digital Risk Assessment
DURATION: 6-8 weeks (indicative)

WHAT WE DO: We conduct an in-depth analysis of the people, processes, practices and technology within your organisation. With this, we can give you the best possible strategy to boost your business.

HERE’S WHY WE DO IT: One of the only ways to improve your digital vision is with a comprehensive view of risks. And that is exactly what our in-depth analysis offers.

Firstly, we integrate our information with your corporate risk register. After that, we set about analysing it thoroughly for risk mitigation.

Digital Maturity Discovery and Gap Analysis
DURATION: 8-12 weeks (indicative)

WHAT WE DO: We evaluate your organisation’s digital maturity. For instance, how does your organisation respond to an increasingly competitive digital environment? To gain a deeper understanding, we use our qualitative and quantitative discovery framework, a proven success.

HERE’S WHY WE DO IT: Our insights will help you discover the true capabilities of your business. In other words, we offer you ways to plug the gaps.

Here are a few examples.

  • Which of your digital channels serves as customer touchpoints? On that note, have you ever wondered if the customer experience is consistent across channels? And lastly, how cost-effective is your customer service?
  • When it comes to digital releases, is there scope for improvement in the delivery, time-to-market and marketing methods?
  • Are you on the right track in terms of delivery & IT skill sets required for channels?
  • What is the channel technology required, and its associated costs? And what about channel automation and integration? Is that as seamless as you think?
  • And lastly, but most importantly, how clear are your digital objectives?


Now that you are armed with these answers you can determine estimates on time, costs and skills, which are critical to a successful business plan. With this blueprint, success is a sure shot now.

Omnichannel/Digital Solution Strategy and Blueprint
DURATION: 6-8 weeks (indicative)

WHAT WE DO: How does your enterprise architecture function? Now, that’s where our blueprint helps. It offers the perfect digital solution to understand how to effectively achieve your objectives, both current and future.

HERE’S WHY WE DO IT: This is a surefire way to define and refine an omnichannel digital strategy. And we don’t just mean any digital strategy, but one that is attainable. And, more importantly, sustainable.

Our strategy ensures that silo functioning of channels is disrupted. This means you will now be ready to create a seamless unified working order. Above all, in business, it’s all about creating harmony.

Omnichannel Optimisation
DURATION: 8-10 weeks (indicative)

WHAT WE DO: Our team deep dives across your digital channels to understand just how effective they really are. We see this as an in-depth exploration of every aspect of your business.

HERE’S WHY WE DO IT: Multichannel optimisation is a proven way to highlight issues that increase your cost to serve. It also helps us find out how your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is impacted. Above all, it is the NPS which is a clear indicator of customer experience and business growth, and that is what makes optimisation an important aspect to enhance business.

It’s pretty much straightforward in that we provide solutions to boost your NPS and reduce your cost to serve.

Integrated Business Planning for IT Portfolio
DURATION: 12-16 weeks (indicative)

WHAT WE DO: We offer a two-step strategy. First, we determine the cost, effort and time required for each project. Next and most important, we create an integrated business plan to help you grow.

HERE’S WHY WE DO IT: Every business has demands across each unit, but this can lead to silos in business planning. Our integrated approach eliminates those silos and creates a cohesive strategy.

DigitalGigs brings together all business unit heads. We do this by determining CapEx and OpEx funding requirements and then creating a top-down/bottom-up approach. In other words, we ensure a robust annual operating plan.

Digital Operating Model Design Blueprint
DURATION: 10-12 weeks (indicative)

WHAT WE DO: Our consultancy service defines your unique digital operating model. We evaluate your intrinsic and external business and IT functions because this way we can create a precise blueprint.

HERE’S WHY WE DO IT: The way to ensure your digital strategy takes flight is to align your people, processes and practices with your vision. This way, you can be sure that with us in the driving seat, you’ll be soaring in no time.

The operating model we design provides clarity and direction on digital organisational design and governance. What that means is you now have a road map that is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed.

You can choose to execute this digital strategy yourself. Or, to ensure successful implementation, take the assistance of our Digital Delivery Leadership.

Get in touch with us today. It’s time to set your Digital Technology Transformation programme off in the right direction.