Joint Go-to-Market Services

Joint Go-to-Market Services

Unleash the power of digital omnipresence

Digital Omnipresence is not just about harmonising customer touchpoints across multiple digital channels. It is also about finding opportunities to expand into new geographies with minimal risk.

Above all, it is about meeting your customers where they are.

In short, an omnipresent marketing strategy is vital to the growth of any business. It can drive sales in ways other strategies cannot.

Now comes the next question. How can you create an omnipresent strategy? The answer is simple. You’ve got to approach your customers online, communicate with them across channels in different ways, and mould your messages to their interactions.

DigitalGigs can partner with you on that front. We can help you expand your reach in new markets like the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU). And we do this while keeping costs down.

If you are wondering how we do it, it’s through our risk-reward model.

Our curated solutions cut risk and boost growth

Our risk-reward model works quite simply. It combines your expertise with our curated service solutions.

There are two ways to do it. You can choose to go for a joint venture or select an opportunity-based model to cut risks and boost growth.

So, where does our expertise lie?

DigitalGigs has worked with businesses that specialise in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Automation and more with proven results.

Some of the other areas we have operated in are businesses that focus on Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Applications, Contact Centre, and Digital Content Management.

Apart from this, we have partnered with engineering design and knowledge management firms as well as mobile app development businesses to nurture their growth.

We are also looking forward to collaborating with enterprises that specialise in Social Media, Vertical and Horizontal SaaS, IoT, ERP, CRM, and RFID.

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